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Quality Service on ALL Your Hydraulic Needs
since 2016

Hydraulic Company in Houston, TX 2

Qualified Hydraulic Repair Specialists
In Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas and Oklahoma.

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All cylinders come with
a 12-month Warranty

We offer competitive pricing to customers in broad industries
Over 75 years of combined experience in the hydraulic industry
Honesty is our #1 policy
Workmanship guaranteed for a full 12 months


Hydraulic Company Serving Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas and Oklahoma

Advance Hydraulics, LLC is a hydraulic company in Houston, TX who specializes in rebuilding hydraulic components, including cylinders, pumps and motors. Our expertise in diagnosing issues allows us to provide timely turnaround at the most reasonable cost, while guaranteeing the highest quality results. Some of the services we offer include machining, remanufacturing, modification, hard chrome plating, pressure testing and much more. Contact us today for more information.


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  • Ask about our cylinder exchange program. All cylinders come with a full 12-month warranty.
  • We offer free pick-up and delivery on all small, medium and large bore cylinders.
  • We serve customers in broad industries, including construction, marine, mining, crane and rigging, offshore drilling, steel mills, petrochemical refineries, and scrap/recycling.

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  • We’re not just a superior service provider— we’re also a well-trusted resource for hydraulic repairs.
  • Trust us to use repeatable and measurable processes to ensure total quality control on all projects.
  • We make informed decisions based on customer needs and empower our employees to take action to ensure efficient, quality results on every project.

Quality Service on all Your Hydraulic Needs

In today’s competitive industrial market, service, integrity and professionalism are the key ingredients for success. Advance Hydraulics, LLC stands ready to provide superior products and services, at competitive prices. Let us be your choice for hydraulic equipment repair and service, and your go-to hydraulic company.

More Information

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Experienced Range Of Hydraulic Professionals

We take the time to treat customers right and ensure every job is done to the highest standards. We guarantee satisfaction from the moment you first engage with us, to the delivery of a finished product. It starts with a complete, detailed inspection report on each and every job. Then, with a clear scope of work in-hand, we set out to repair and restore your hydraulic components back to their OEM standards. If we can’t, we’ll do the next best thing—provide you with a superior product that’s precisely machined for your specific needs.

Your Hydraulic Service & Repair Partner

Our true value as your hydraulic service and supply partner comes from our equipment customization capabilities. Through careful machining, remanufacturing and modification, we get you exactly what you need, every time. Call us with your hydraulic component needs and we’ll show you what superior customer service and satisfaction look like.

Why Wait?

Service, Integrity, & Professionalism

We know that in today’s competitive market, service, integrity, and professionalism are the key ingredients for success. Advance Hydraulics, LLC stands ready to provide an excellent product at a competitive price. Let us be your choice for hydraulic equipment repair and service. One of the reasons is our price structure at Advance Hydraulics, LLC. We will provide a complete detailed inspection report on each and every cylinder rebuilt upon request Our inspection report consist of: Rod O.D. Dimension, Chrome Thickness, Barrel I.D. Dimension, Head Gland to Barrel Dimension, Piston to Barrel Dimension, Seal Compression and Compatibility.

  • All these and many more are checked, rechecked and discussed with the customer prior to the repair.
  • Given all the above guidelines, this will allow your company to be comfortable with Advance Hydraulics, LLC and allows us to work for you in a very business like manner while giving you the confidence your repairs and referrals are being handled with the satisfaction your company requires.

Choose the Hydraulic Experts

From hydraulic cylinders, pumps and motors, Advance Hydraulics, LLC is the leading authority on complete hydraulic service and repair. Contact us today and make us your partner for success.

A Texas company providing hydraulic services nationwide, located in Houston.

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